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Support Unit Black Diamond Learning Centre


Black Diamond Learning Centre, Bulli High School

We embrace the idea that everyone is an individual with diverse needs that must be understood and supported. We respect and cater for diversity and adjust curriculum delivery accordingly. We cater for individual student needs to minimise barriers in education and maximise student achievement.

The Special Education Faculty aims to achieve this by ensuring that our teachers have access to quality professional learning, professional support and skilled expertise.

We do this by following and enacting the five elements that encompass the DEC, ‘Every Student, Every School', Learning and Support Framework:

·         Teaching and Learning

·         Curriculum

·         Teacher Quality

·         Collaboration

·         Accountability

Central to the ethos of the Special Education Faculty of Bulli High School is the element of collaboration. We believe that no student can reach their potential without the development of strong communication links between the school, parents/carers, external agencies and the wider community. This becomes essential if we are to meet the diverse needs of our students and their families.

We encourage you to join with us in meeting the learning needs of your child as he/she develops socially, emotionally and intellectually on their path to adulthood.

We will recognise, respond and provide, to the best of our ability, for the individual needs of your child. Our schools' core values of respect, responsibility and integrity guide our actions and interactions. We do care.

Mrs Jenny Kennedy, Head Teacher 

Teachers: Ms Bethany Basman, Mr Jason Carpini, Ms Peta Josh, Mrs Lisa Treglown

SLSO's: Mrs Sharon Baker, Ms Cathy Cropper, Ms Elvi Dent, Ms Tanya Sandy