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Student Health


The School must be informed in writing where prescribed or over-the-counter medicines are required at school.

Prescribed Medication Policy

At enrolment, students are encouraged to fill out a health information form. This is especially relevant to students with anaphylaxis, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes whose health needs may need to be managed at school.

Students are not permitted to bring over-the-counter medicines (eg Panadol, Aspirin) and prescribed medication to school without notifying the school.

The administration of all medications is supervised by designated staff. To enable this to occur, medication is sent to the school clearly labelled with dosage instructions and handed to the front office before school.

Students on continual medication who take doses at school supply the following:

- a letter from a Medical Practitioner (see Appendix "Medical Advice to School") 

- updated information when the condition changes.

Students with asthma carry their own medication. A peak flow meter and a bronchodilator or puffer is located in the school's First Aid Kits in various locations around the school.

If a student suffers from asthma, bee sting allergies, epilepsy, anaphylaxis or any other medical condition, the school must be notified and a individual health management plan must be developed. 

The school must be informed if a student comes with an epi-pen.

The school has emergency epi-pens in First Aid Kits and various locations around the school. Medical Plans must be updated annually.

Students who need to leave class on a regular basis for specific medical reasons will be issued with red health card signed by a Deputy Principal.

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