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The Bulli High School Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C) welcomes the participation of all parents, caregivers and citizens of the school community. This is a forum at which everyone can contribute to the cohesive and comprehensive learning environment. 

The P&C and Bulli High School 

The P&C is an integral part of the school organisation, playing a positive and active role in the education and welfare of our children. We share the responsibility of promoting the parent/caregiver/teacher partnership, ensuring representative decision making for the benefit of all students. As the recognised body from which school community representatives are elected and report back, we are the 'voice' of the school community. We are committed in our support of the education, activities, welfare and safety of all Bulli High School students irrespective of culture, gender, academic ability and socio-economic status, providing students equal opportunities to become contributing members of society. 

P&C Involvement 

The P&C Association and its members provide management, representation and assistance in many school enterprises including the Canteen and Uniform Shop, Merit Selection Panels, Finance Committee, Environmental Sustainability Committee, Annual School Report, Community Grant applications, policy review, musical and dance performances, presentations, barbeques, school and charitable fundraising, and maintenance of the school grounds. We believe that with continued support our children will be given every opportunity to succeed in a safe, professional and engaging learning environment. Being involved in your child's school is a rewarding experience! 

P&C Meetings 

Our P&C Meetings run on Wednesdays of every week 3 and 7 at 6.45pm, followed by a Parent Seminar focused on an educational topic at 7.30pm.  Meetings are friendly, informal and give everyone an opportunity to discuss issues, news and events that affect our children at school. Not only is it important to have input into the decisions that influence the students, it's a great way to gain better understanding of curriculum, policies, procedures and funding, as well as meeting other parents, the school executive and staff. 

P&C Membership 

Membership is available to all families, caregivers and citizens of the BuIli High School community at a cost of $5.00 per year. All members are entitled to vote. Membership is paid and updated at the end of the Annual General Meeting, after which members who have paid their membership are eligible to vote. 

P&C Minutes 

Monthly P&C Meeting Minutes are delivered to all P&C members via email. 

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