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Bulli High School's P & C Association operates a Uniform Shop at the school to provide school uniform needs for the students. 

Bulli High School  P & C Association, with the support of Bulli HS, have created a website to assist with purchasing school uniforms and to be  a source of information related to the P&C.

All profits made by the Uniform Shop are directed back to the school via the P & C for the purchase of equipment and support of student learning activities.

Uniform Shop Manager/Staff: Penny & Maree

Uniform Shop Times 2024

Tuesdays 10:30 am – 1 pm

Thursdays 1 pm – 3.30 pm

Payment Methods: EFTPOS, cheque or cash.

New EFTPOS Surcharge

A 1.5% surcharge on all EFTPOS purchases apply. This is to cover the cost of transactions charged by Westpac.



(Updated September 2023)

Bulli High School's uniform has been determined in consultation with staff, students and parents. Our expectation is that all students wear the correct school uniform during school hours, while travelling to and from school, and when engaged in school activities out of school hours.

The wearing of the BHS uniform by our students helps builds self-confidence, promotes a sense of belonging and creates a positive identity and connection with the school. It also contributes to the personal safety of students by allowing easier recognition of students inside the school and in the community.

Our students wear the school uniform with pride, and we thank parents/carers for their support. Bulli High School uniforms are only available from the Bulli High Uniform Shop. Financial aid is available to families experiencing financial difficulties. Student Assistance forms can be obtained from the Administration Office.

If a student is out of uniform:

• The student must report to Studio A before school, with an explanation note from their parent/carer.

• The student will be provided with a uniform replacement item where possible and their out of uniform garment will be retained at school. Students can collect their garment when they return the borrowed uniform item at the end of the day after the bell.

• If a replacement garment is unable to be found, a pink uniform pass will be given to the student which is to be produced if questioned by any teacher throughout the day.

• Not obtaining a pink uniform pass or not having a parent note will result in a detention on this day at Break 1 in Studio A.

• Students who arrive late to school and are out of uniform must report to the relevant Deputy Principal to be provided with a replacement garment or uniform pass before going to class. If students arrive after Break 1, they will be placed on a detention for the following day.

• Teachers will record students’ adherence with the uniform policy in Roll Call as well as each period throughout the day. If students are out of uniform when they present at class and do not have a uniform pass, they will be sent to the relevant Deputy Principal immediately to obtain a pass and will be placed on a detention.

• If students are continually out of uniform, or fail to attend the Break 1 detentions, the Head Teacher Uniform will contact parents and students will be issued with an After School Detention.

• If uniform infringements continue, students will be placed on a Uniform Monitoring Card with the Head Teacher Uniform where they will have to report to the Head Teacher for a 5-day period to ensure the correct uniform is being worn.

2024 Head Teacher Uniform

Year 7: Mr Croft (DP: Ms Gardiner)

Year 8: Mr Delaney (DP: Mr Lane)

Year 9: Mr Dixon (DP: Ms Gardiner)

Year 10: Ms Canvin (DP: Mr Lane)

Year 11: Mr Wilkinson (DP: Ms Gardiner)

Year 12: Ms Devlin (DP: Mr Lane)


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