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The Learning Support Centre

The Learning Support Centre

The Bulli High School Learning Support Centre is a multi-purpose learning space located on the upper level of the school library.

The Learning Support Centre is designed to:

  • Improve learning outcomes for students with additional learning needs
  • Offer an alternative learning space for students who need to complete in-class assessment tasks. 
  • Provide a quiet, study space for senior students.

The Learning Support Centre staff are able to provide:

  • Small group tutoring
  • Additional support for students who need to further develop their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Assistance with assessment tasks across Key Learning Areas
  • Study plans for senior students
  • Intensive assistance for students with additional learning needs

The Learning Support Centre operation:

  • The centre is open from 8.30am to 3.10pm each school day. 
  • Students can make appointments for assistance.
  • Senior student drop-ins are always welcome. 

The Learning Support staff believe in strong teamwork. 

Bulli High School has three Learning Support teachers with knowledge and experience across a broad range of Key Learning Areas including Science and Mathematics. Four School Learning Support Officers also support students with specific learning needs in mainstream classes.

The Learning Support centre is a valuable school resource which aims to assist students to achieve their personal best in all areas of their learning.