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Yr 11 Examination Guide & Timetable

Yr 11 Exam Guide and Timetable

The 2023 Year 11 Yearly Examination Timetable and relevant guides for parents and students are attached. 


Please ensure that your child is aware of their responsibility to be prepared, organised, punctual and compliant with all exam rules, assessment integrity guidelines and policies. Please see the documents attached for exam equipment lists, malpractice rules and illness/misadventure appeal processes.

Please also note that we have advised students that they must arrive at the venue at least 25 minutes prior to the examination START TIME as the exam supervisors are required to conduct roll call, issue instructions outside the venue, and check all exams papers before 'starting' the exam. 

If you have any questions please contact Ms Viravong, Head Teacher Teaching and Learning. 

We wish all Year 11 students the best in their final assessment for this stage of learning!